Mouth & Nose Cover, handmade - 100% Cotton (1 Set = 5 pc)

Item number: 4999996000
  • 100% cotton, backed with vliseline
  • easy-care, boilable, with elastic band
  • double fabric (two layers)
  • height approx. 10 cm x width approx. 20 cm
  • Length of the rubber bands approx. 15 cm
Reusable mouth and nose cover, one size fits it all

- No medical device in the sense of the Medical Devices Act -

Protect yourself and your fellow men! A mouth and nose cover prevents droplets from the air you breathe from being dispersed into the environment. You also avoid touching your face and thus avoid the danger of bacteria or viruses getting into your mucous membranes.

The mouth and nose cover is suitable, for example, for travelling on public transport, shopping, visits or other leisure activities.
It is made of high-quality cotton and is handmade. It can be pulled apart like an accordion. For a comfortable hold, it has a soft elastic band for the ears, which adapts to your face and does not cut into it. The material is cuddly and skin-friendly.

Handling is especially easy due to the sewn-on loops: simply pull the two loops over the left and right ear respectively and adjust the mask so that it completely covers mouth and nose.
Our mouth and nose cover is reusable - this not only saves your wallet but also the environment!

We recommend cleaning by boiling water for at least 5 minutes.
For an intensive cleaning, e.g. due to dirt, you can wash them at 60°C.

Important notes:
The mouth and nose cover is a hygienic article and is therefore not returnable.
This product has not been medically or otherwise tested and has no certification.
Colour deviations may occur.
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Colour blue
Measures10 x 20 cm
Box qty.5

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