Swan Neck spurs - German Silver highly polished, 45 mm rounded

Item number: 4707500440


Target groupMen
Neck size measured from boot50 mm
Spur rowelRowel 004
  • Dressage spurs with uplifted neck
  • with 9 point big rowel
  • perfect for riders with long legs
  • made of solid and break-proof German Silver
  • classic elegant design
High quality spurs made of German Silver and guaranteed against breakage.
More Information
MaterialGerman Silver highly polished
Neck endrounded
Neck Size45 mm
Neck Size [inch]1.3/4
Neck size measured from boot50 mm
Target groupMen
Spur rowelRowel 004

The premium-quality Sprenger Ultra fit and Ultra fit Extra Grip Spurs are made of solid and break-proof stainless steel. To Keep them clean you just have to rinse them thoroughly with water and dry them afterwards.

If you use rowel spurs you should be aware that the rowel must be able to rotate freely. Please do not use spurs with tight rowels as they might cause injuries on your horse. In order to keep the rowel free you should regularly remove all kinds of dirt, for example remains of sand and sweat or hairs, especially during the change of coat.

German Silver spurs are also made of a solid and break-proof stainless metal. They are extremely long lasting but might lose their shiny appearance after some time of use. By polishing the spurs with the Sprenger Diamond Paste you can bring the sparkle back on the surface and make them look brand new.

Spurs made of stainless steel and German Silver can also be refurbished. Also lost rowels can normally be replaced by Sprenger provided that the neck is intact.