System-4 Stirrups with offset eye - Stainless steel, size 120 mm

Item number: 4423412255


MaterialHS-stainless steel
Size120 mm
Colour of stirrup padblack§#000000
  • the offset eye makes it easier to pick up the stirrup
  • particularly popular in Icelandic horse sport
  • System 4 joint for mobility in four directions
  • special stability thanks to high strength
  • Facilitates the release of the foot in case of a fall
Decades have passed since the legendary System 4 joint was developed. To this day, this innovation is considered a breakthrough for comfortable and safe riding. Whether you prefer to ride cross-country or are at home in professional sport, the System 4 Stirrup is synonymous with confidence.

This stirrup combines all of the advantages of the legendary System 4 stirrup - and a very special additional feature. The 90 degree turned eyelet makes it even easier for you to pick up the stirrup. This advanced version is particularly popular in Icelandic horse sport. It enables a calm, stable leg position directly on the horse's body.

In the case of a fall, the movable System 4 joint facilitates the release of the foot. This reduces the risk of getting caught in the stirrup. In addition, the joint dynamically supports the natural spring-like movement of your ankle & foot whilst riding. Its shock-absorbing properties provide relief for your joints, ligaments and tendons. Due to the constant contact with the entire sole, the System 4 stirrup provides a secure grip and maximum comfort.

Whether it's for Icelandic horse sports, recreational fun or cross-country adventures, the System 4 Stirrup with Offset Eye is your safe, comfortable companion.
More Information
MaterialHS-stainless steel
Size120 mm
Size [inch]4.3/4
Colour silver
Colour of stirrup padblack§#000000

The Sprenger caring instructions for stirrups are similar to those for bits and spurs. You should regularly remove all kinds of dirt by cleaning them with water and dry them afterwards. When needed also use the Diamond Paste to bring the shine back to the metal.

A soft cloth and when necessary a bit of water are perfectly good for cleaning our anthrazite and bronze coloured stirrups and spurs.

The stirrup pads can easily be cleaned with a grooming brush after riding.

Jointed stirrups

Sprenger’s jointed stirrups have a Special developed “System 4” joint which is coated with a protective rubber layer. The rubber coat stabilizes the moveable part of the stirrup and protects the joint from dirt, sand and humidity.

Please also regularly check the condition of the stirrups and the rubber coating. Especially after a fall of rider and/or horse or after hitting the wall or the jump-stand with the stirrup, you should check if the joint is still working properly. If you find any deformations or if the mobility of the joint is limited, for safety reasons please do not use the stirrup any further.

Sprenger produces high quality products with an above average durability. However, it is necessary to regularly check your products for proper condition and function. You should replace a product as soon as it presents a safety or health risk for horse or rider. In any case of doubt please contact your local dealer who will be happy to give you advice.

Since stirrups have to withstand high pressure during riding, please ensure that your stirrups are in perfect condition before every use. You should regularly check your stirrups for cracks or deformations.

Especially after a fall or when a stirrup accidently hit the wall or jump-wing while riding, you should carefully inspect the stirrup for damages. Do not use damaged or deformed stirrups any longer! In case of doubt it is safer to replace the stirrups or at least ask a proven expert for advice.

The rubber of the System 4 and Bow Balance stirrups can be repaired if the stirrup is – apart from that – in a completely harmless and usable condition. This repair may only be done by Herm. Sprenger and has to be handled through your retailer.