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  1. Mullen mouth
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  1. D-Ring
  2. Eggbutt
  3. Pelham
  4. Springkandare
  5. 3-Ring
  1. Snaffle
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Overcome all obstacles!
The obstacles have to be cleared against the clock of the judges in the confined space of the show jumping course. The team of horse and rider has to harmonise perfectly to be successful in this competition. Clear and for the horse immediately understandable instructions are necessary to go optimally for the jump or to ride tight turns. The rider must be able to control the horse at any time.
Horses on the other hand are only able to reach a high performance and to keep up the speed if they have implicit confidence in the rider.
Bits developed by SPRENGER ensure a sensitive communication between horse and rider. The rein aids are lead effectively but as convenient as possible on the horse’s tongue to improve the confidence and well-being of the horse.
Our assortment includes all bit types being used in show jumping such as Universal bits, Kimblewicks or Full Cheeks to meet individual requirements.

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