Sprenger quality concept

Sprenger - Part of Your Passion

For over 150 years, Sprenger has stood for precision Made in Germany. The passion for our work is also reflected in the quality of our products. Because we do our best every day to provide you with products that you can trust blindly.

Our SPRENGER products reflect the perfection that we put into every detail, no matter how small. The quality is achieved through a variety of trades in combination with a large quantity of modern and classic machinery and equipment. The final inspection and packaging of the finished product is a critical part of the normal daily function with the result that, in contrast to bulk production methods, the finished products will come in touch with the hands of a person.

The significance of Sprenger quality awareness is not only directed towards the products. Delivery and customer service are also very important in order to be a reliable partner for you at all times. We would like to communicate with you as equals, pass on our knowledge and experience to you and, at the same time, listen to your suggestions, wishes and ideas.

Valuable raw materials

SPRENGER only uses high-quality raw materials for its production, which are carefully selected to ensure consistently excellent quality. Our suppliers are obliged to provide a test certificate and material analysis for each new delivery. In addition, we carry out precise internal controls. We do not accept any deviation from the required quality. Together with the strict quality controls that are carried out after each work step, it is guaranteed that you receive a product of the absolute highest quality.

No compromises in quality

SPRENGER underlines this claim by the careful processing of high-quality materials, strict quality controls and constant research in cooperation with professionals from sport and science. This is the only reason why SPRENGER is able to offer products that meet the highest standards of safety and functionality. This is also the reason why our products are so popular all over the world and are used successfully even at World Equestrian Games or Olympic Games. We receive daily emails in which customers describe how satisfied they are with a particular product and a look at various forums also shows that the majority of riders are convinced users of our products and recommend them to others.

Sprenger the manufactory

HS Quality seal

With help of the quality seal “HS GERMANY”, Sprenger identifies the mark of the German production facility in Iserlohn, currently in the fifth generation. Sprenger is proud to manufacture in Germany with help of well trained employees and selected local suppliers to produce high quality products for the world market. This also provides an opportunity for the apprenticeship of junior employees through to valued and skilled personnel by supporting their career over time. The Sprenger seal of quality represents a commitment to excellence that ensures the confidence to acquire a reliable and long-lasting product based on environmentally conscious manufacturing.