Pelham bit converters 16 cm nylon black (by pair)

Item number: 4211200000


Length16 cm
  • easy to attach to the Pelham
  • HS Logo stamped on the leather part|black
  • round braided
  • easy to attach to the Pelham
  • leather with nylon rope round webbed
  • length: 16 cm
  • elastic
Leather with nylon rope round webbed
with HS logo on the leather part
by pairs
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LPO ZulassungZugelassen für
• Spring- und Springpferde-LP ab Kl. A
• Gelände- und Geländepferde-LP ab Kl. A
• Jagdpferde-LP ab Kl. A
• FN-Hunterklasse 95er und höher
Length16 cm
Colour black

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