Sprenger Reitsport


SPRENGER stirrups are subjected to the highest quality standards. Extensive tests are therefore carried out before a product is introduced to the market.

Quality checks – like pulling tests – are standardised with machines in our premises. Sprenger contacted the Institute for Research and Development (FES) in Berlin for the first time more than 20 years ago to obtain the most exact knowledge of the forces which are effectively at work during riding for developing new stirrups. Substantial research has been done. Stirrups were prepared with special strain gauges which transmitted the tensile momentums via radio. Tests were then made on a military terrain under competition conditions.

It turned out that forces can occur in the stirrup which can equal up to tripled bodyweight. However, the experience of many years has shown that even stirrups with a breaking strength of 600 kg can break. Therefore, SPRENGER only offers the highest quality to guarantee optimal security. Our safety standard for stirrups is a breaking strength of 800 kg (exception: Aluminium racing stirrups).