1. Dressage
Remove filterSensogan with stainless steel rings / cheeks
  1. Double jointed
Ring type
Remove filterBaucher
  1. 115 mm
  2. 125 mm
  3. 135 mm
  4. 145 mm
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Dressage is art!

Horse and rider have to harmonise perfectly to cope elegantly and gracefully with the challenging exercises. A relaxed horse with a good basic education is one of the foundations here fore.
SPRENGER offers a broad assortment weymouths and bradoons of all kinds to meet the individual requirements for a gentle and effective communication with the horse. Our patented bit shapes improve the thoroughness and suppleness.
For decades our products find use up to the levels of tournaments. A large number of the current international top riders only rely on bits from the house of SPRENGER. Among them Charlotte Dujardin, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl or Helen Langehanenberg, just to name a few.

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