SATINOX D-Ring 14 mm single jointed - Stainless steel

SKU: 4092511556
  • ergonomical shape allowing an even distribution of pressure

  • fits anatomically correct between tongue and palate

  • direct and precise effect

  • allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to the fixed mouthpiece

  • lies steady in the horses mouth, offers additional lateral support

  • offers additional lateral support

  • excellent processing and tested material quality

Size: 115 mm


Product information

The Sprenger SATINOX bits are the high-quality counterpart to anatomically shaped bits made of stainless steel. Compared to previously available models in the lower price range, they are characterised by excellent processing and tested material quality.
The satin-finished mouthpiece with its matte surface looks particularly elegant and provides a pleasant feeling on the tongue. Due to their curved shape, SATINOX bits provide plenty of room for the tongue. They ensure an even spread of pressure and achieve a direct and accurate effect. The SATINOX range offers a comprehensive selection of models for all types of horses, disciplines and training levels, creating an interesting basic assortment in the affordable and medium price range. The mouthpieces are available in single and double jointed or as Mullen Mouth snaffle Dressage specialists can look forward to weymouths and bradoon bits.
Stainless steel
115 mm
14 mm
70 mm
Mullen mouth
Ring type