TURNADO Full Cheek 16 mm - Stainless steel

SKU: 4158711556
  • innovative joint of the mouthpiece, turned forward by 45°

  • therefore the contact surface of the mouthpiece on the tongue is equal on both sides

  • this enables an even distribution of pressure on both tongue edges

  • allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to the fixed mouthpiece

  • the lateral contact helps horses that tend to fall out whilst riding or approaching an obstacle

  • sandblasted for identification of the unique angeled joint

Size: 115 mm


Product information

TURNADO bits represent a new generation of loose ring snaffles. Standard single jointed bits have a production related characteristic: one part of the mouthpiece is longer than the other which results in stronger influence on one tongue edge. To avoid this problem, we recommend to use TURNADO bits. The joint of these bits has been angled forward by 45 degrees in order to guarantee an even distribution of pressure on both sides of the tongue. The bit is also suitable for horses with slight tongue problems.
This special rotation is distinctly marked by a slightly abrasive surface (sandblasting) in the middle part of the mouthpiece.

The TURNADO is characterised by a slightly roughened surface (sandblasting) of the mouthpiece in the middle area of the bit.

The fixed side pieces allow a direct transmission of the rein aid onto the tongue and lower jaw. Additionally, they slightly frame the horse and protect the corners of the mouth. The bit lies particularly steady in the horse's mouth.
Crystal colour
Without crystal
115 mm
LPO Zulassung
Zugelassen für alle Prüfungsarten mit Zäumung auf Trense
Ring type
Full Cheek
16 mm
Single jointed
50 mm
Use for
Stainless steel