AERO-Stirrups with blanking plug - alminum

SKU: 4429012253
  • Release of the foot in all directions in the event of a fall

  • Durable and robust thanks to high-quality materials

  • Specially designed stirrup strap eyelet for optimum leg position

  • extra wide, 5° inclined tread surface for comfortable and optimal foot position

  • shock-absorbing and easy on the joints

  • grip of the tread can be extended with spikes

Material: Aluminium, anodised


Colour: black


Product information

You'd like a stirrup that gives you more safety in an emergency? A stirrup that combines the highest standards of modern technology and is "Made in Germany"? With the "AERO" model, we offer you an increased level of safety - developed and manufactured by SPRENGER.

The AERO stirrup is your reliable partner in every situation. Thanks to its special design, it releases the rider's foot when necessary: In the event of a fall, it opens under the pressure of the foot. The lateral movable element allows the foot to be released sideways, upwards, forwards, or backwards. This sets new standards.

This model also offers you the greatest possible support. Thanks to the extra-wide, fibreglass-reinforced tread, your foot has ideal support. Depending on your preference and the situation, you have the option of adding stainless steel spikes to the soft and firm grip elements. The tread is inclined at 5° to support the stability of your thigh and ensure a comfortable riding experience. Because the stirrup follows the natural curve of your leg, it can improve its position. The replaceable plastic stirrup pad has a shock-absorbing effect and protects your joints and ligaments.
Thanks to the angled and twisted stirrup leathers eyelet, the AERO is optimally balanced, makes it easier to pick up the stirrups and brings your leg closer to the horse.
In addition to its modern design, the AERO fulfils the highest standards in terms of quality and durability. Aluminium, as used in the aerospace industry, ensures a long lifespan and a breaking load of over 1,600 kilograms.
Don't want to leave anything to chance, instead you want to be able to trust your stirrup completely? Then the AERO is the perfect choice.
Aluminium, anodised
120 mm
Colour of stirrup pad