Dynamic RS Pelham 16 mm double jointed

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  • ergonomical shape allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure, middle link angled forward by 45°

  • fits exactly between the tongue and palate, therefore giving soft but effective rein aids

  • the leverage effect on the poll can be varied by different rein options

  • often used in combination with bit converters or with 2 reins

  • curb chain should come into play at a maximum angle of 45° to limit the poll pressure

  • the rein aids come into play earlier due to the lever action of the short cheeks

Size: 125 mm


Product information

Perfect fit? No problem! The bits of the ""Dynamic RS"" series are ergonomically shaped: Their centre piece is always tilted forward by 45°. This way they allow for an even distribution of pressure. Because all Dynamic RS bits fit anatomically correctly between the tongue and the palatal arch, they are mouth-friendly, allow effective aiding and are also suitable for horses with a small mouth or a very fleshy tongue.

This Pelham provides targeted and effective support, acting on the full width of the tongue, neck and lower jaw. The leverage on the neck can be varied according to the rein set up. This allows you to respond to your horse's individual needs.

The bit is often used in combination with pelham converters. If the rider and horse are more advanced, it is recommended to use two pairs of reins: This allows the leverage to be used as sensitively as possible. The pelham is used in combination with a curb chain. If positioned to allow an angle of up to 45° between the lower rein and the mouthpiece, it will limit the pressure on the neck in a sensible way.

125 mm
LPO Zulassung
In Kl. A-L mit Pelhamriemchen und Kinnkettenunterlage, ab Kl. M auch ohne zugelassen für:
• Spring- und Springpferde-LP ab Kl. A
• Gelände-, Geländepferde- und Jagdpferde-LP ab Kl. A
• FN-Hunterklasse 95er und höher
Ring type
16 mm
Double jointed
Use for
Sensogan with stainless steel rings / cheeks
10 cm
Lower cheek
4.5 cm
Crystal colour
Without crystal