Dynamic RS WH ULTRA Eggbut bit with D-shaped rings 16 mm double jointed - Sensogan

SKU: 4042812078
  • ergonomical shape allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure, middle link angled forward by 45°

  • mouthpiece with a unique roller in the centre section

  • improves chewing activity, concentration and attention of the horse

  • allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to the fixed mouthpiece

  • lies steady in the horse's mouth, gentle on the corners of the mouth

  • offers additional lateral support

Size: 120 mm


Product information

Looking for a seamless fit? Look no further than the Dynamic RS bits. This line of bits are ergonomically designed: Their joints are always angled forwards by 45°. This allows for an even distribution of pressure. Because all Dynamic RS bits are anatomically correct between the tongue and palate, they are easy on the mouth, allow effective aids and are suitable for horses with small mouths or very fleshy tongues.

The solid sides of this bit allow the bit to be applied directly to the horse's tongue and lower jaw. They also protect the sensitive corners of the mouth and frame the horse slightly at the sides. The bit is very quiet in the mouth.

The rolling element in the centre of the bit encourages mouth activity, concentration and chewing. This can result in relaxed jaw muscles and topline, as well as improved harmony and permeability.
Crystal colour
Without crystal
120 mm
16 mm
LPO Zulassung
Zugelassen für alle Prüfungsarten mit Zäumung auf Trense
Ring type
Double jointed
65 mm
Use for
Basic Education
Sensogan with stainless steel rings / cheeks