HS-Dressage spurs for men - German Silver highly polished, 40 mm flat

SKU: 4707900040
  • classic dressage spurs

  • with rounded neck end

  • made of solid and break-proof German Silver

  • 40mm neck

Product information

The rounded neck end of this spur model allows you a gentle impact.

The elegant design makes these spurs look particularly classy on the boot. Made of solid, break-proof German Silver, they give a secure feeling due to their higher weight and are therefore particularly popular among dressage riders.
This model is ideal for men's feet or large shoe sizes due to the widened spur leg.

Please note: spur straps are not included.
German Silver highly polished
LPO Zulassung
Zugelassen für:
• Dressur-, Dressurreiter-, Dressurpferde-, Reitpferde- und Gewöhnungs-LP
• Spring-, Springpferde-LP und FN-Hunterklassen Springen
• Eignungs-LP und Kombinierte Dressur-/Spring-LP analog Eignungs-LP
Neck end
Neck Size
40 mm
Neck size measured from boot
43 mm
Target group
Spur rowel
without rowel