ULTRA fit SLIMLINE spurs with Balkenhol fastening - Stainless steel, 30 mm rounded with little round rowel

SKU: 4732500655
  • rounded neck end with small round rowel

  • ideally suited for horses that do not react sufficiently to rounded spurs

  • elegant and refined design

  • slimmer than conventional spurs

  • intelligent spur strap loop for a perfect fit on the boot

  • made of break-proof, high-quality stainless steel

  • 30mm neck

Product information

The small round rowel of this popular spur is ideal if your horse does not react sufficiently to rounded spurs.
The spurs of the Ultra fit Slimline series are narrower than conventional models. Their filigree design is perfect if you attach importance to a classy appearance.
But that's not all: the Ultra fit Slimline spurs also sit particularly well on the boot thanks to their slim fit. For all the challenges that your everyday riding offers.

Please note: spur straps are not included in delivery.
HS-stainless steel
LPO Zulassung
Zugelassen für:
• Dressur-, Dressurreiter-, Dressurpferde-, Reitpferde- und Gewöhnungs-LP
• Spring-, Springpferde-LP und FN-Hunterklassen Springen
• Eignungs-LP und Kombinierte Dressur-/Spring-LP analog Eignungs-LP
Neck end
Neck Size
30 mm
Neck size measured from boot
33 mm
Target group
Spur rowel
little round rowel