ULTRA fit spurs with Balkenhol fastening - Stainless steel, 8 mm ball-shaped

SKU: 4740500055
  • with ball neck, suitable for sensitive horses

  • unique fit and design, can be adjusted to the foot by bending

  • intelligent spur strap loop ensures a perfect fit on the boot

  • made of break-proof, high-quality stainless steel

Product information

The spherical neck end of these "Ultra fit" spurs allows for an extra soft impact.

This is not only a real all-rounder and one of our most popular models. Thanks to their elegant design, these spurs also look particularly classy on your boots. And because they are made of break-proof, stainless steel, they can withstand all the challenges of your everyday riding life.

A particularly practical extra: the spurs can be easily and individually adjusted to your foot.

Please note: spur straps are not included in the delivery.
HS-stainless steel
LPO Zulassung
• Dressur(pferde)-, Dressurreiter-, Reitpferde-, Gewöhnungs-LP
• Spring(pferde)-, Geländepferde-, Jagdpferde-, Eignungs-LP mit Gelände
• Vielseitigkeits-, Gelände-LP, FN-Hunterkl. Spr. und Gelände
• Kombin. Dressur-/Spring-LP analog Eignung mit Gelände
Neck end
Neck Size
8 mm
Neck size measured from boot
12 mm
Target group
Spur rowel
without rowel